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Child's Play

What did they look like your five days, they would ask. And I would say, well, they were quiet and sunny and cool and would have lasted a long time. But they just disappeared. I suspect foul play, actually. They had no reason to run away or hide. They would look at me at least skeptically. Probably suspiciously. Do you have any evidence to back up your allegation, they might ask. Demands for ransom, maybe? I don’t think they are held hostage for ransom, officer. I think they were taken for good. They were young and innocent when they were taken, you know? I suppose there is quite the market for this kind of thing? What with the internet and all? I mean, you can trade anything on eBay, can’t you? Did you find any hints on eBay that someone was auctioning off your missing days? No, of course not. I would have said that. Anyway, they would use some sort of code, wouldn’t they, for something sinister as that?

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